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Christa Musto, D.M.D.

Dr. Christa Ann Musto was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She calls Forty Fort her home. Dr. Christa attended Scranton Preparatory School class of 2012 (shoutout), where her love for science and all things nerdy started.

Dr. Christa attended the University of Scranton where she nurtured her love for science with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology. Dr. Christa also nurtured her second love, classical dead languages that no one speaks anymore, with an Ancient Greek Language minor. She’s a little nerdy, but her personality more than makes up for it.

After completing her college career in 2016, Dr. Christa transplanted to the Steel City, attending University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. It was there in Pittsburgh where Christa met the four loves of her life: her husband, Sam, her two cats, Tofflemire & Carabelli, and her doctorate of dental medicine degree.

Upon graduation, Dr. Christa was ecstatic to return to her roots (bringing her loves with her) in Kingston, PA with Dr. Gary and Dr. Jason. Dr. Christa lives by the motto “treat every patient the way you’d treat your mother”.

When not drilling teeth, Dr. Christa can be found reading Stephen King (nerd– I told ya), spending time with her husband and cats (also kind of a cat lady, brace yourself– she talks about her cats a lot), and doing jigsaw puzzles (1,000 piece and above only!). Her hobbies include playing Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin on the piano, trying new foods, and eating McDonalds french fries.

If you like nerdy dentists that love cats, you’ll love Dr. Christa!


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