Smile Makeover

If you are embarrassed by your smile, have stained, broken, missing, chipped, or misshapen teeth, cosmetic dentistry, using a variety of new procedures can give you the look you’ve always wanted.

Create A Dramatic New Look I
This is an example of how we can create a dramatic esthetic improvement by changing the appearance of this young woman’s teeth. We made five major changes:

  • We drastically lightened the color of her teeth while keeping them a natural shade.
  • We masked out the various stains and colors in her teeth. Some of these stains were old fillings and some were actually part of the tooth.
  • We totally reshaped the front teeth, and even repositioned the right lateral incisor. This made the front two teeth less bold looking. It made the lateral incisors larger, in keeping with the appropriate proportions of teeth in a natural smile.
  • We corrected the cross bite malocclusion of the right lateral incisor WITHOUT BRACES.
  • We did this all in one appointment and made a very happy patient!

This woman had two problems that made her dislike her smile. First, she had a grayish blue stain on her front four teeth, probably from taking tetracycline antibiotic when she was a child. Second, she had worn her teeth significantly from grinding. If you notice the outline of the edges of her front teeth, they almost form a frown (as compared to the happy face shape of her lips).


We chose to do bondings with composite resin on her four front teeth. This lightened them sufficiently to blend with her back teeth and it masked out the antibiotic stains. In addition, we lengthened her front teeth with the bondings, while reshaping her canine teeth. This recreated the desirable happy face shape as outlined by the edges of her teeth. Doesn’t it look more harmonious in relation to the smile shape of her lips?